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I haven’t been on in almost two months.

05-11-2013Justine Heart

I guess this calls for some serious reanalyzing of priorities. My book used to be so important to me, now it seems to be on … Continue reading


03-6-2013Justine Heart

Seriously, I can’t believe what I almost did. Luckily I saw the wool that was about to be pulled over my eyes to realize it … Continue reading

Well it has been a week….

02-21-2013Justine Heart

And I am no closer to closing up the first chapter in the computer… okay well maybe I will finally close it up today.  This … Continue reading

Today is Valentine’s Day

02-14-2013Justine Heart

I want to be with my boyfriend so much, and yet I am sure he has no inkling of that towards me.  I know this … Continue reading

Just made a few changes and additions

02-14-2013Justine Heart

So I updated the first chapter a little and added more description to the room. Funny I had written it down in my notebook, but … Continue reading

A World Full of Wishes- A Romance Novel

02-8-2013Justine Heart

A World Full of Wishes A Disney World™ Romantic Novel By: Justine Heart Started on: January 27, 2013 Prologue             She slumped in her seat, … Continue reading

Still working on the written version

01-23-2013Justine Heart

I am working on the written draft first. This is my first attempt at a novel, so please be patient, for I am very busy. … Continue reading

So I am writing my first real novel!

01-17-2013Justine Heart

Okay so this is going to be my first real novel.  I have done some fanfic writing and some unpublished short story writing.  This is … Continue reading

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